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Day Seven of Orca in Switzerland – Quietness

Today’s topic is quietness. As the weather was bad, and as there is no reason to leave the home unless you have to work, or to go for a walk everywhere was quiet. The roads were quiet, with few cars, the paths between fields were quiet. Even the motorway was quiet, as you can tell from the image above. It took just seconds for traffic to be rare enough for me to take this image.

On a normal weekend, you’d have hundreds of cars on this stretch of road. People would either be coming back from the mountains or commuting along this stretch of motorway to cross Switzerland.

Walking outdoors was pleasant because there were no people to avoid. It was unpleasant because today has been cold, windy and grey. That’s why no pedestrians were out. Even the dog walkers were home.

It might finally be the right time to start taking interesting pictures of deserted streets.

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