Day 75 of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – Switzerland Expects to Return to Normality within weeks

By richard | 28/05/2020

Switzerland “expects to return to normality” within the next few days and weeks. As of tomorrow groups of up to thirty people will be able to meet. That’s good for all of the activities that I like to do. It means that the Via Ferrata, hiking, climbing, and other seasons can begin shortly.

D-Day – 6th of June 2020

From the 6th of June onwards cinemas, theatres, zoos, ski lifts, camps, swimming pools, and higher education will begin again. The article doesn’t specify whether people will have to space themselves out in the cinema or if people can cluster again. From that day groups of four or more will be able to meet in restaurants.

D-Day + 2 – 8th of June

From the 8th of June public and private events grouping, people of up to three hundred people will be possible with protective measures still in place. It’s not clear whether this means maintaining the two-meter rules, no contact, etc.

Businesses will be able to recruit from the EU and other countries from then on.

How It Feels

It feels awesome to read this news. I didn’t dare get my hopes up, or allow my enthusiasm to trick me into being disappointed yet again. At this stage it looks promising. We’re a week or two from social lives for those living alone to be booted up again. It’s such a relief.

I think that to ease back into normal life I’d like to hike, cycle and do other such sports where proximity to others is less frequent. I don’t feel the urge to return to climbing and Via Ferrata yet. The advantage of hiking and cycling is that we don’t need to use a car to reach the starting point.

I feel no urge to rush back to using the car for every sporting activity.

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