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Cycling to Geneva and back

Cycling to Geneva and back is a relatively short route. It is a 60km round trip. Two things make this ride more challenging. The first is the wind if it is blowing against you and the second is the need to cycle uphill. This is true of all cycling in this part of Switzerland. You have to choose whether to cycle upwards at the start or the end of the bike ride. If you start with the uphill then heading back to the starting point can be a pleasure.

I went cycling yesterday because the conditions were perfect. The weather was good, the temperature was low and as I was not rock climbing in the evening I could afford to invest my energy and stamina in this bike ride.

The outward journey is easy. You start at the foot of the Jura and using the route I used you spend a lot of time cycling downhill towards Geneva. Once you are in Geneva you can cycle around the city and enjoy seeing the city as a cyclist rather than pedestrian or car driver. I like cycling in Geneva and other cities because distances become much smaller. Getting around is easy as long as you don’t cycle over glass and you can stop anywhere. On the way back you can cycle along the lake road. It is flat for most of the way. From Nyon you cycle uphill.

I hadn’t noticed that we can see flyby information even when not riding in a group. If I am so inclined I can see who I waved to and find more information about their cycling habits.

Strava flyby

By moving the mouse cursor around on the grey graph you can see where and when people overtook you or when you crossed path. You can see when you overtake people and when they overtake you. On the right ride you can see that there is a representation to show how far ahead of or behind people are. I find it comforting to see that with some people the separation was stable for extended periods. This is illustrated by the coloured bars on the graph.

My projects for the coming weeks are to cycle to Lausanne and back and then to cycle around the Lac de Neuchâtel. Lausanne and back should be around 80km and Neuchâtel should be around 96km. The goal after that would be to cycle around the Lac Léman.

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