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Day 33 of Self-Isolation in Switzerland – A video walk

Today I went on a video walk with the DJI OSMO pocket three or whichever number it has and I took a series of frames. Before going for my daily walk I searched through the Vision Du Réel virtual Film Festival list of films and I found “The Bridge“. It’s available for all to watch… Read More »

Behind the Scenes: Record

Behind the Scenes: Record from The Lincoln Motor Company on Vimeo. I love the idea of putting a small camera on an object and filming event from that perspective. The idea of putting a gopro on a record is an interesting one. With the size of technology today you’d expect this to be simple to… Read More »

Prangins Air Show

Prangins teaser from Richard Azia on Vimeo. I went to the Prangins Fly in today and filmed a Super Puma an Extra 330 SC, the Breitling DC3 Dakota and one or two more aircraft. Edit coming shortly.