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Avoiding User Generated Content With Adverts

Instagram has become user-generated content with adverts every fifth post. We went from following friends and their life to following personalities within our field of passions. I follow climbers, photographers, and friends. By following strangers, the timeline has become less relevant. This is especially true about following influencers. Influencers don’t share their life. They share… Read More »

Social Media and The Human Return on Investment

Social Media and the Human Return on Investment, because contrary to popular belief we use social networks to socialise, not to shop. As we grow older and more mature our close network of friends changes and evolves. We go from school friends to university friends and then to professional friends. In the process we move… Read More »

Martyn Ashton – Road Bike Party

A Film by Robin Kitchin Produced by Ashton Bikes These bikes are used to cycle over three thousand kilometres during the Tour de France and here it’s being used for what mountain bikes are usually used for. At least it’s a light bike. To see the out-takes.