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An Ipad awaits

After the 28th of May I will have an Ipad. I have decided to get an Ipad for a number of reasons.

The first of these reasons is activity within the social part of the world wide web. I use it as a conversational and informational tool. I share my location when I’m out, I express my opinions and in general I am at ease with online social activities.

I also like being social face to face whilst being online. By that I mean that the age of the desktop and the laptop are coming to a fork. I would say end but laptops and desktops have a way to go. Photography and video editing are just two reasons for bigger machines.

At the same time look at how mobile phones have become more competent tools for most of what some of us do in the social media. We share images, we share pictures, videos and even our location on a 24hr basis. For the latter you need to earn the sharer’s trust.

Netbooks were an interesting proposition. They’re small, batteries last a long time and they’re practical. The problem is that the software they run is not optimised for a small screen. When you get an error message window where you cannot click ok you have a problem. When you attempt to play flash videos and the system hangs you’ve got another problem. When you visit the twitter site and the netbook struggles you’re just going to be frustrated.

That’s where the Ipad comes in. The operating system and applications are all optimised for a smaller screen, for a mono tasking machine. Blogging applications amongst others will be practical on such devices. Any time you’re out of the home you fit it into the bag, pull it out and start writing. You’re online anyway so things are instantly synced with the cloud. No need to worry about being tired after a day at a conference or as a traveller when you prefer not to leave your gadgets unattended.

I look forward to having an iPad, that glorified photo frame that can play video and communicate with the world.

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