A funny day

A funny day

I found today quite entertaining. I went out and noticed that it was a little windy. Later on, I was heading towards the student bar only to find that it was closed due to windows being blown in. “Oh well”, I thought “time to do something different”. I walked across the street, the name given to the path in the middle of our university, and looked up to the screens, “ship abandoned”, train delays, tiles off roofs, and more.

Due to various trees on the line
Due to various trees on the line

As if to provoke more problems for myself I decided to head into central London. There was a hilarious sign. “Because of various trees on track – severe delays on metropolitan line. It’s such a matter of fact, a casual way of saying there’s a problem. I went up the stairs to the platform ad caught a train limited to 30 mph due to the adverse weather conditions. That’s quite a bit slower than usual. We arrived near Wembley Park but the train remained blocked. Apparently they had to change driver and this was holding us up.

So to recapitulate six trees on the line, heavy winds, severe delays, and to top it off delay due to the changing of a driver. Don’t they have enough problems as it is?

I went to the world’s biggest apple store but there’s nothing new, no apple tv, no iPhone, nothing I haven’t seen already.

The trek back was fun in itself. Highly packed trains filled with commuters and masses of people trying to get back to Northwick park after going to Harrow on the hill because the trains were suffering from the weather conditions.

I got out and walked home.

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  1. Yes, the weather has been very windy. I am very intrigued by the iPhone! Will iPhone be as successful as the Ipod? Will consumers abandon buying separate MP3 Players and phones for a device that fulfils both functions? Time will. By the way hopefully the weather will get better.


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