Daily Archives: 16 December 2021

Learning About Canvas And SVGs

Other the last week I have been learning about canvas and SVGs. I am not certain that I will use this knowledge immediately but it is good to learn nonetheless. I struggled with some code when setting up a clock. I went back through the code line by line two or three times before trying… Read More »

Seeing the Pandemic As A Journey

Last night I was reading and began seeing the pandemic as a journey. The pandemic has been a journey for everyone, but especially for those in solitude. For those of us in solitude, it has required that we completely change how we consume the media and how we interact with the world. We go for… Read More »

Pandemic as Journey

Although not discussed as such the pandemic is an interior journey in the same manner as thru hikes as they are called in the US and pilgrimages in Europe. We start with one identity and one life and we have to adapt it to suit the things that can be realised during a pandemic. We… Read More »