Monthly Archives: October 2021

More Cowbell

Tomorrow I will be driving for twelve hours and I hope that I find it as relaxing as the last drive but I doubt that I will be that lucky. We will see how traffic and other conditions are. I hope that I have a good two or three audiobooks to listen to, so that… Read More »

Walking Without Masks During a Pandemic

For many people walking without masks during a pandemic is normal. This is confusing. We have known for months, or even seasons that the virus is airborne and that masks are a simple way to keep safe. Despite this people walk by the seaside without masks. It’s not just that they walk without wearing masks,… Read More »

Dismantling A Crane

Have you seen someone walking along the gantry of a crane to detach the counterweight for a crane? I did. Today. He was clipped in, as you would assume but I am unclear as to whether he went clack clack like we do on via ferrata. Would you want to do this. I don’t think… Read More »

People Walking Along The Sea

I can’t focus when I am not in my usual writing spot, so I am not bothering. I finally get to enjoy a few hours of rain after long periods without. I still want to see rain in Switzerland but for that I need to be in Switzerland. I also have nothing to write because… Read More »