Month: October 2020

  • On the Prospect of Re-confinement

    Today let’s comment on the prospect of Re-confinement. Plenty of people, when lockdown ended, decided that now was the time to start doing group activities, without masks, and without waiting for the transmission rate to get down to zero. As a prize they had a relatively normal summer, with good memories, stories and pictures to […]

  • Forced to Wear Mask Outdoors

    Forced to Wear Mask Outdoors

    Switzerland is currently toying with the idea of forcing people to wear masks outdoors but it’s not clear whether this would be for cities or whether it would be for villages and even rural walks. If the obligation to wear a mask at all times is enacted then I have two reactions. The first is […]

  • Timetrap – A Command Line Time Tracking App

    Today I played with Timetrap, a command line time tracking app. It allows you to track the time you spend doing specific tasks with ease. To install the app you can run the command. To create a timesheet you type: and it will create/switch to that timesheet. Type this to start the timer. And to […]

  • How To Block Twitter and Facebook Using The Hosts File On A Mac.

    If we’re not learning every day then we’re wasting our time. If we’re not up to mischief every day then we’re likely to become unhappy. In light of both of these things let me give you a quick tip for blocking Twitter and Facebook. My motivation for doing this is the following. Twitter doesn’t trust […]

  • The Roman Civilisation On Twitter

    The Roman Civilisation is being tweeted about on Twitter. There are accounts that tweet about ongoing archeological digs, museum opening times and more. They also share images and videos, providing people with a visual way of learning about the Romans. One of these twitter accounts is Roman Britain. They tweet original content as well as […]

  • Thoughts on The Google IT Support Course

    I am currently studying the Google IT Support Course. I am familiar with many of the topics and I have used many of the tools discussed. What the course offers, and the reason for which it has so much value, is that fills my knowledge gaps. One example of this is the TCP/IP model. Until […]

  • Playing with Fire(fox Developer Edition)

    Playing with Fire(fox Developer Edition)

    Google Chrome was misbehaving recently so I started to explore other browsers. By explore I mean try browsers that I had used plenty of times in the past. As I did this I came across Firefox Developer Edition. Firefox Developer Edition is fun because it allows you to see everything that’s going on. If you’re […]