Month: August 2020

  • Web Dev Studies During The Pandemic.

    Web Dev Studies During The Pandemic.

    During this Pandemic, I have decided to study Web Development and I am slowly making my way through one or two Linkedin Learning Pathways. In the process, I have learned about CSS, PHP, JavaScript ECMAScript2016, Frameworks and more. The course I have studied are: Angular Essential Training / React.js Essential Training / Git Essential Training […]

  • Bullying Disguised as Satire

    We’re in the middle of a pandemic. Some of us go without conversing with people in the real world for days or even weeks at a time. Is now the time to be offensive about people’s social media habits? For plenty of TikTok users, their only window into the social world is their phone. Plenty […]

  • Learning To Code By Building CMSs

    Learning To Code By Building CMSs

    It’s easy to use Facebook or other CMS every day without thinking about how the code works. This summer I have coded two CMS using Linkedin Learning. One of these CMS was running with PHP and MySQL and the other was running with Ruby On Rails and MySQL. The PHP CMS In the process I […]