Month: May 2019

  • A forest walk by Chavannes Centre

    A forest walk by Chavannes Centre

    When I cycle towards Geneva i often pass by a forest near Chavannes centre. Usually I only skirt the exterior of the forest but I have twice passed through it on a bike on my way back from Geneva. Yesterday I drove the scooter to Chavannes centre and parked it where scooters and bikes can […]

  • Climbing to La Barillette

    Climbing to La Barillette

    The first time I climbed up to La Barillette on a bike it took me two and a half hours. This time it took one hour and sixteen minutes. I was going so slowly that I had to work to keep the bike upright. Since then I have gone from a mountain bike with tyres […]

  • Plane Watching

    Plane Watching

    Yesterday I went to Geneva airport for an event but found that there were no spaces in any of the parkings so I went to Decathlon and Mediamarkt before deciding to go and watch planes land instead. I watched nine planes land. During this plane watching session I was on the Meyrin side standing underneath […]

  • La Via Ferrata Farinet

    La Via Ferrata Farinet

    For a week or two in April the weather was nice but since then the weather has been bad. We had new snow, high winds and rain. Yesterday rain was announced yet again for parts of Switzerland but luckily only clouds were announced for Saillon where the Via Farinetta is. I expected it to be […]

  • A Sea-like Lake

    A Sea-like Lake

    In the middle of summer you may go sailing on the lake and find that there is no, or very little wind. On such days you may spend long periods of time hoping for the wind to pick up and get from point A to point B. On other days the lake looks like in […]

  • Spring and summer are playing with us

    Spring and summer are playing with us

    Spring and Summer are playing with us. A few weeks ago it was warm and sunny. It felt as if summer was finally here and that we could start planning outdoor activities that don’t require enormous amounts of fossil fuels, like skiing and snowboarding do. 😉 We had the rain and the cold and when […]

  • Using Duolingo daily

    Duolingo is a mobile phone app that allows you to learn a number of languages whenever you have a few minutes. In so doing you can learn several minutes at a time, when commuting for example, or you can learn as a focused 20 minute session. The Variety of learning options Listening There are two […]

  • Via Ferrata Jacques Revaclier

    The Via Ferrata Jacques Revaclier is located on the Salève a short drive from Vitam Parc and within easy driving distance of Geneva and Nyon. The Via Ferrata requires scrambling over a few metres of rock to get to the start. This via Ferrata has two parkings. The first of these is for the Abbaye […]