Monthly Archives: July 2017

11 years of WordPress Blogging

As serendipity would have it I have been a wordpress blogger for at least 11 years. As I was looking through notifications on I came across the notification below yesterday. As I searched for ideas for blog posts for today I came across an e-mail. On this day, eleven years ago I set up… Read More »

Manu Chao At Paléo

The Manu Chao Concert Manu Chao was on the Grande Scène at Paléo last night. His concert lasted for an energetic two hours. He kept saying”Vous êtes Fou, Paléo”. He gave a lot of energy and so did the audience. For two hours he jumped around, for two hours the audience jumped around too. The… Read More »

Day 2 – Villars-sur-Ollon to Le Sepey

Hiking from Villars-sur-Ollon to Le Sepey On the second day we hiked up from Villars Sur Ollon to Le Chamossaire. The trail is easy to follow. When you exit the town it takes you through some woods before emerging on to a prairie. From this prairie you have a nice view of the landscape. From… Read More »