Month: March 2016

  • My love/hate relationship with twitter turns Ten

    I have been active on the World Wide Web for two decades, two thirds of my life. Half of that time has been spent as a twitter  user. I was among the first to use the service and I saw it go from being a curiousity to being the most popular conversation tool around. When […]

  • The Guardian, Google and advertising Revenue

    For a reasonable amount of time I would check all of the news websites on a daily basis. These include The Guardian, the Independent, BBC news and french news sources. In so doing I was kept up to date with current affairs. Certain websites, such as the NYtimes and Le Temps were hidden behind paywalls […]

  • Pay-to-win Futility.

    Several years ago a friend told me about Clash of Clans and I began to play the game. The game is an enjoyable distraction for when you have a minute or two three. You perform a few actions and then you get on with your other tasks. When you play for free patience is an […]

  • Stop wasting time on Instagram with friends – Algorithms and attention

    Instagram is a photo based social network that allows two types of users, ego-maniacs on one side, and explorers on the other, to share images of interesting things they see and do. Some people share beautiful mountain images and others share images of their trips to Paris, Rome and more. I share images of Via Ferrata, […]

  • Sentiment Analysis and Social Media

      I have two opinions about sentiment analysis technology. The first one is that social media have already suffered greatly through the actions of social media marketers, PR professionals and “internet famous” individuals. This technology could lead to broadcasting without a human bothering to listen as the human is replaced by algorithms and data analysis. […]

  • Thoughts on the New York Times Article about Project Aristotle and its findings

    When I read this article I can’t stop thinking of the Prototyping sessions at Lift 2016. Teams from big corporations worked together to collaborate on exploring new ideas and developing new projects. Some had to work on a video, others had to work on models. Others had to create 2d representations. One set of tables […]