Month: February 2016

  • Narcissism and the World Wide Web

    According to a New York Times writer, Narcissism and the World Wide Web are increasing. “Narcissism is increasing…” If our egos are obese with amour-propre, social media can indeed serve up the empty emotional carbs we crave. Instagram and the like doesn’t create a narcissist, but studies suggest it acts as an accelerant — a […]

  • Myshake – Earthquake app for Android

      Myshake is an android app developed by UC Berkeley to use mobile phone sensors as earthquake detection and measurement devices. When the shaking fits the vibrational profile of an earthquake, the app sends the anonymous information to our central system that confirms the location and magnitude of the quake. There are more than a […]

  • Social Media and the Lizard brain

    I wanted to write about Social Media and the Lizard brain. My experience of information technology and Social Media is that it is a great tool for people from different backgrounds to come together and have a calm and logical conversation. Some people believe that “we need a social media with heart that gives us […]

  • Reactions – What if Twitter died

    You can tell when someone joins a social network by what they think the network is for. I joined twitter in 2006. No one knew what the network was best at, eventually everyone decided to use it as a conversation tool. When people understood how dynamic conversations could be the network grew. The author of […]

  • Ingress no more

    For months I was passionate about Ingress. I was passionate about the game until fuel costs, parking costs, device costs and time costs were too high. When you play from level one to eight the game is fun. You progress quickly and you meet new people. You discover new places and it’s enjoyable. As you […]

  • Bragi – self contained in ear audio player

    BRAGI – The Dash — Wireless Smart In Ear Headphones from BRAGI on Vimeo. I enjoy cycling, running, climbing and via Ferrata so this type of device is well suited to my needs. The price is not. At 300 USD it is an iPod shuffle replacement at its core. From what I understand The Dash […]

  • StravistiX for Strava

    StravistiX for Strava

    StravistiX for Strava Stravistix for strava is a Chrome plugin. It allows you to analyse the data from your ride in more detail and with more graphs. In the detailed view you can see heart rate information, speed, power, grade, elevation and  ascent speed. It allows you to see each metric in more depth. It […]