Month: September 2013

  • The 2013 CERN Tweetup

    On the 27th of September CERN invited twelve Social media users to a tweetup. I was among those twelve. We had the rare opportunity to go down and see the tunnels where the LHC carries out it’s experiements. We met with World Wide Web pioneers and we got to listen to interesting experimental and theoretical […]

  • Behind the Scenes: Record

    Behind the Scenes: Record from The Lincoln Motor Company on Vimeo. I love the idea of putting a small camera on an object and filming event from that perspective. The idea of putting a gopro on a record is an interesting one. With the size of technology today you’d expect this to be simple to […]

  • GoPro: Pushing Boundaries With Oracle Team USA

    I was disappointed by the way this video was cut. You don’t really see what’s going on. It’s just a jumble of shots.

  • V-315 Wreck dive

    V 315 (Poland 2013) from Daniel Pastwa on Vimeo. A better produced diving video than usual.