Month: February 2011

  • Flightradar24

    Flight radar 24 is an iphone app that allows you to see where aircraft are on google maps. It shows the callsign, registration, altitude and a lot more. It is a fun app for plane spotters. Sit on a city roof or at the top of a mountain and as you see a plane fly […]

  • Blackberry torch as a new toy.

    Blackberry is the latest phone operating system I have played with. So far my impressions of the OS are not that favourable. In particular what confuses me is the inability to setup the mail client, twitter and facebook out of the box as I can do with symbian, android, iOS and one or two other […]

  • NewsRack

    For a while I have been looking for an external feedreader for reading the items collecting and stagnating in google reader. Yesterday I came across Newsrack and what I like is that it syncs instantly with the online version. As a result I can read the feeds on the macbook air when I am at […]

  • The small matter of Cairo

    What makes the situation in Cairo so interesting is the number of media outlets that you can use as sources. From 24 hour news channels like France 24, Al Jazeera, BBC World and others to individual people with mobile phones. For France 24 you have three languages to chose from, with Al Jazeera to you […]