Month: March 2009

  • Scriptfrenzy – The challenge

    Remember when I wrote 50,000 words in one month? Today’s challenge is a little different. From tomorrow, and for the next 30 days I will have the task of writing 100 pages for a script within 30 days. That’s about three pages a day and it shouldn’t be too hard. I’ve done a lot of […]

  • Friendconnect

    Today I got round to installing friendconnect on this blog. This means that everyone that has a gmail account can log in and become part of the community sprouting from this blog. You can also comment about things in general now. There’s a new layout now, as a result information is easier to find and […]

  • The re-tweet is an easy way to pretend you’re listening.

    A lot of people love the re-tweet because they believe that it is a fast and effective way to tell both their followers on twitter as well as the person being retweeted that they are listening or that they thought this was a interesting point. This is true in a number of situations but this […]

  • Social media as a lifestyle choice, rather than a stop gap

    One of the biggest ironies of the social media is that those whose profession it is to get brands and companies to set up a presence within the social media environment themselves see it as a waste of time, and no substitute for what most people would refer to as real life, real life being […]

  • A “Transcribe this” button for seesmic videos

    Something I would love to see on Seesmic, and which would encourage me to use it more is a “transcribe this” button for when I record certain videos. The logic is simple. Sometimes we discuss things that we would like to see discussed but not everyone wants to listen to us explain our idea. That’s […]

  • Dear twitter friends…

    Dear twitter friends I have deleted my main account due to tired I am with twitter and it’s poor performance. I am in other places. I’ll catch you there.

  • The twitter schedule – updated

    For two years I’ve been using twitter and during that time I have spent far too much time on the site. As a result I built many friendships. Always paying attention to twitter, even when mobile was a great way of using twitter in the past, but due to people having less time every day […]

  • The Facebook and Friendfeed lifestye

    Facebook and friendfeed are now the same thing. They both provide exactly the same thing but for different audiences. Facebook is a network of real friends, where you share everything with those that count on you as a friend. That’s where you get party pictures, relationship statuses and more. Friendfeed is where you go to […]

  • Friendfeed Notifier fun

    Now that twitter has gone mainstream and fewer people are obsessive about it I’ve been trying to walk the gang plank and arrived on friendfeed. It’s an rss aggregating site, much like facebook where you have none of your friends, but don’t worry. You can populate it with various news rss sources for colour. That’s […]

  • The New Facebook

    Facebook is now a mixture between friendfeed and twitter. You get videos, photographs, status messages and more from all your Real life friends networks. One of the most powerful new features is that by using the group feature we can now see our friends according to a number of settings. If I want to look […]