Month: December 2008

  • Qik, Snowfall

    Here, some qik snowfall, on the last day of the year

  • Tweetgrid – a tool to make sense of it.

    Yesterday someone twittered about tweetgrid, a simple to use web interface that allows you to see, in real time what people are tweeting about. It filters as many key words to chose and dedicates one portion of the screen per word. If you select four words then you can watch as four topics are discussed. […]

  • The idiocy of the Mobile flickr website (or why I hate Iphone optimised mobile websites)

    Flickr had a mobile website that worked well because it was developed for all mobile devices. As a result I was getting into the habit of taking pictures, amending the title and adding comments whilst on the move. Recently though, the mobile developers at Flickr decided to do what every narrow minded developer of mobile […]

  • Der baader Meinhof-Komplex

    There are some films we may not intentionaly go to see. Der Baader Meinhof-Komplex is one of them. The English title is The Baader Meinhof Complex. The film takes a look at the beginning of theRed Army Faction, in Germany. It is based on the book The “Baader-Meinhof Group” by Stefan Aust. For more information

  • Le meur, Seesmic and some images

    Whilst everyone that was present at the Paris Seesmeetup has gone home to their day to day lives the images taken are still doing the rounds. I noticed that two of my images were included in Loic Le meur’s blog. Normally all the Francofous should be able to name every shown. Can you? Looking forward […]

  • Blogobar Neuchatel

    One of the most amusing things about the blogobar meetup in Neuchatel was how many iphones were there. It was particularly amusing to see the time spent look at apps, trying to see which was the most fun. Of course we didn’t travel from various parts of Switzerland for that sole purpose. It would have […]

  • The N95 8gb, google maps and navigation

    If it’s something geeky you’ll see me learn how to use it. The most recent thing I’ve played with is the n95 8gb and google maps. This time though it was from a car rather than on foot and as a result it was far quicker to correct a mistake. I took care to locate […]

  • Eclau in Lausanne

    The Co working space in Lausanne (ECLAU/FB) is an interesting idea for freelancers and those who have some work to do but do not want to work from home or a cafe. There are desks and couches, a meeting space and more from which individual work and team work can be done. I was there […]

  • TweetCamp

    This morning whilst tweeting with Fahran Rehman we decided that we would like to organise a twitter event in London with a difference. Twestival and twinterval are great ideas but we’re thinking of doing something over a period of two days that would be like a podcamp but over two days and we need your […]

  • The Social Media Lifestyle

    I believe I’m living the social media lifestyle, that is that wherever I go I have both my mobile phone and my ipod touch. As a result I am never more than a hotspot away from the world wide web and it’s content. In Switzerland I’m online as I hike through the mountains taking pictures […]