Month: February 2008

  • Joke of the day

    Apologies if the site has been slow or intermittently available. We were having an issue with a new database, but it’s been fixed. Twitter Status So they’re going to start apologizing for the site being up now?

  • I got a job and I’m moving back to Geneva next week

    The week is almost over and I’ve got a job. Spent the past week being trained in certain softwares I’ll need to use, as well as hardware. I’m looking forward to that. In the meantime I have a little roadtrip to London and back to get out of the way. More details to come tomorrow […]

  • Twitter – Forget individuals, follow their community instead

    For you to understand what people are talking about on twitter there is one thing you should know. When you follow Dacort, Loudmouthman, loic Lemeur, Jeff Pulver or many other people including me you’ve got to follow those that they are talking to as well as those that are listening. By this I mean that […]

  • The twitter back channels

    Twitter is one of those places that takes some time to get the hang of but once you do it’s going to suck you in and won’t spit you out till you’re exhausted. It’s a little bit like seesmic except that in this case you don’t look like you’re so in love with your computer […]

  • Twitterpod – archiving your tweets

    Over the past three days I’ve been testing twitterpod and so far I’m quite happy with it. It’s an efficient way of keeping track of twitter conversation. What makes this application different from others is the way it archives all tweets you’ve received. Over the past three days I’ve received over 8400 tweets and i […]

  • Valentine’s – a social media perspective

    Valentine’s day is a day both dreaded and feared by most for two reasons, as a couple because of the pressure you’re under and as a single because you’re single. In the social media though it can be one of the most amusing times. My social media valentine consisted in two parts. The first on […]

  • The Francofous yahoo Live wall

    The Francofous are a good group of people and last night we spent a few hours playing with Yahoo Live and skype. Skype provided the audio whilst yahoo live provided the video platform. Yahoo live is limited in the way we can watch and follow video so I created a simple video wall. The principle […]

  • Yahoo live

    Yahoo live is an interesting live video conferencing tool still in it’s early days. It allows you to stream video live from your webcam and watch up to four other streams at the same time. There’s a chatroom and you can see all the participants at once and select which ones you want in vision […]

  • the tapeless workflow – Videoforum

    The tapeless workflow is a term used to describe video production without the use of tapes. That is to say that from the point the material is recorded in camera to the point it is distributed it never changes from being data. In other words television production has become a profession of data managment as […]

  • playing with the new macbook air

    As I write this I’m playing with the new macbook air and already i-ve twittered and seesmiced from it. The keyboard is fine and the user interface is good. The only idiotic thing is the mouse button is far too small. I don-t see the point of such a thin slither of a mouse.  Now how […]