Month: August 2007

  • What I’m reading – Kadaré’s L’Hiver de la grande Solitude

    From friendships and the people we meet so our knowledge of authors increases. It is through English literature classes that I learned to appreciate Milan Kundera. I read all his books over a period of years. Following a conversation with an Albanian friend I heard of Ismail Kadare. He originally wrote in Albanian and French, […]

  • Facebook, a personal rather than social network

    Ten years ago if you met someone and they gave you their visit card you’d put it away somewhere and eventually you might have come back to it but the information would need updating. Over the years social networking tools on the web have evolved from simple mail clients to web forums and finally to […]

  • On the challenge of being brief.

    Back in 2000 I arrived in the South West of England as an 18 year old who was used to watching 24 minute documentaries on a range of subjects and I wanted to do the same thing. For the course I was doing when I was told that I had to do one minute pieces […]

  • Social networking and freebase

    As you’re painfully aware by now there are hundreds of social networking websites but none of them have a communal database. If you’re on orkut your data stays there, if you’re on yahoo communities your data is there. All these social networking websites are very similar in what they ask of you but different in […]

  • Cheapening the user experience

    There are a great diversity of websites out there and each one has it’s own strengths. As a result of this it is not unusual for me to visit twenty to thirty websites on a daily basis, from the likes of twitter, my own website, news sites and more. What this means is that I […]

  • France leads the way with Freebox HD

    For those who are interested in community video French operator Free is providing one of the most interesting services around at the moment. They are offering you a user generated television channel and the technology to broadcast content live from the comfort of you own home. All you need is a subscription to ADSL 2 […]

  • As featured on Operator 11

    After a long but great day of work I came home to do The Twitter Vox show with Loudmouthman and two guests. We were joined by Goldie Katsu and Malburns. We discussed what it’s like to reach 3000 tweets and the conversation moved towards the advantages of using twitter when part of global communities like […]

  • The Modern phonebook

    Recently I have been trying to categorise websites and how they are used into single words. To this end I have recently started to view facebook as a self actualising phonebook. There are a number of factors which help to contribute to this feeling. One of these is the ability for me to add all […]

  • Ijustine and the Fake Steve Jobs

    The fake Steve Jobs linked to this video before writing a short commentary.  “Phone Bill Girl and one of her fellow Ph.D. candidates are discussing the work of Roland Barthes and narrative theory in the context of Derrida and Chomsky, with a deftly handled digression into the recurring sexism of Norman Mailer’s work” I have […]

  • Twitter Vox was a success

    Tonight I did my first proper live program on Operator 11 and it went really well. The participants for this show were Loudmouthman of, Phil Campbell of and Rotjong of Lowlands 2007 mashup. We discussed the twitter meetup but quickly moved onto a variety of subjects. The conversation begins after a few seconds […]