Month: December 2006

  • Underwater diving videos

    I’ve been watching a series of underwater diving videos from around the world from the website divefilm and there are a number of interesting ones. Most of them are by the same person but occasionally there are guest appearances by those aiming to protect whales, others aiming to protect dolphins. There are also some videos […]

  • Too much listening to podcasts.

    I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts over the past few days. i had to catch up with all those I haden’t taken the time to listen to over the last few months. It’s amusing. in “96 I began working on my website, in 2007 I uploaded it and since then I’ve been following […]

  • Protected: thoughts typed on a mobile phone

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • On thermal inversions

    Thermal inversions are a great part of life in valleys. Whilst you’re living down in the glacial trough you’re waking up every morning to the knowledge that you won’t see the sun for the next few days… until the wind shifts. If you’ve got the time during daylight hours though you have the option of […]

  • As the embers of the fire die down

    It’s over, Christmas is disappearing into a pile of ashes as the last pieces of wood are combusted into nothing more than ashes. tomorrow those ashes will be fertilizing the garden. It’s been a quiet Christmas day, nothing extraordinary to write about

  • The night before Christmas

    It’s the night before Christmas day and it’s been relaxed. With the thermal inversion it’s easy to get above the clouds, simply get in a car and go to the mountains and you’ll get a nice view of the sunshine. We went to the vallée de Joux and that’s where you find many of the […]

  • Embouteillage pour cause de sapin sur l’autoroute a1 en direction de Lausanne Blecherette

    I went snowboarding at it was great fun. At some moments the snow was great fun so it felt really good. I love the feeling of snowboarding at a fast rate down ski slopes and keeping up with skiers who don’t mind waiting too much. All the snow canons were active because there’s a lack […]

  • On it being cold but sunny

    It’s winter, I can tell. There are icicles hanging from the metal parts and the wooden covers are on fountains to prevent them from freezing entirely. Add to this my birthday yesterday and the winter tires today and there’s no mistaking this time of year. I worked on my dissertation yesterday, seeing how familiar I […]

  • Progression of satellite broadcasting

    Satellite broadcasting has progressed since I was last able to watch a lot of television. The spacing of channels and the programs have progressed. I’ve watched France 24, Al Jazeera English and a few more channels. As time is progressing so the channels are re-indexing themselves within the sky digital world. They are no longer […]

  • Some impressive timelapses

    I’m back in Switzerland now and I’ve been around for a little over a day now. I can’t be bothered going out so I’m watching one of the discovery earth documentaries and there’s a really interesting series of plant time-lapses that have been included. They’re used to illustrate what happens when a tree falls down […]