Month: September 2006

  • Skype on a mobile phone

    I have just installed skype on my mobile phone and have yet to test it. it’s wifi enabled phone which means that anywhere there’s a hotspot I should be able to make phone calls via skype. it’s going to be fun to chat with people without paying for the connection.

  • On being an Resident assistant

    Being a resident assistant is a great job at the same time as it’s a lot of responsibility. It means that we have access to every room in halls for a few hours a week although in reality we’re only allowed to go from one room to another. We have to go around making sure […]

  • Fresher’s week is over

    Fresher’s week is over and lessons start this week. It means being serious a little more of the time than over the past week. I’ve been patrolling the flats already, going from room to room and seeing lots of people, lots of new faces.  This is an easy and a hard job. It’s easy because […]

  • Back to uni

    I’m back in England, at uni, in a new room, for another year.

  • Tomorrow I’m back in London

    Yesterday I made a phone call after writing an e-mail to see about getting cheaper accomodation through one method and it went well. I’m going to be back in London tomorrow, once I’ve finished packing all my stuff into a suitcase. It’s the usual good and bad. It’s good because although I’m leaving my skills […]

  • Vernissage

    I’ve been to a few vernissage but they don’t usually include videos, computer games and flash animations. I saw a vernissage on six floors which included all of these things.  The idea is interesting, how to include the various media and make something practical. It’s a shame most of the people weren’t there to present […]

  • The FIBA 2006 is over

    The FIBA 2006 is over and yesterday was the day where I recuperated by sitting in the sun in the morning and editing a short video clip in the afternoon. Both were nice occupations to unwind from the past three weeks. it’s been fun and all that remains from this work is a highlights tape […]