Reading About Travel

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Traveling, or just armchair traveling, can range from great pleasure to great pain in the neck. Much depends on how you prepare your journey.

It's great to go somewhere without reading a line about the place - you just trust blindly whoever gives you information about the place. The first time I went to Spain, a Spanish friend wrote on a piece of paper the list towns I should see. I did not buy a guide during the whole trip - and had one of the best holidays ever, full of wonderful surprises and few disappointments.

However, if you don't want to travel with no information whatsoever and just trust your luck -  you may want to read a guide or two. Considering how little time we have and how many things we want to do during our holidays, without breaking the bank in the process, a guide gives a good start.

The choice of guides can be staggering. Even if you wanted to buy every guide on the countries you intend to visit, you could not take them with you. As I have traveled a fair bit, I have also accumulated some experience with guides and travel arrangements. I will share some of it with you on the following pages.

I must say that I hate reading guides - but I need the information. So I choose them with great care and then take only one or two with me, when I travel.

For armchair travel, I prefer books other than guides - and I have included some of them on the pages that follow.

Let me know if you agree or disagree with my choices - taking into account individual needs and tastes.

Bon voyage!