Richard's guide to shooting better video

With a father working in broadcasting and with a video camera at home fro a very early age I became interested in the art of video taking. Although at first I was more interested in shooting I have moved towards being just as interested in the editing process.

The aim of this website is to discuss better methods of shooting so that when it comes to watching the footage dissapointments are kept to a minimum. Over the next few days/weeks I hope to add sections on planning a shoot according to the event, thinking of shot lists and how images may be inter cut.

Within this section


Filming theatre productions

Filming for the edit

Video taking: Several clips now available online

Geneva Lake Sensation: Edit from the 2004 Lake Sensation in Geneva, Switzerland

About the VX-2000 DV video camera, for those who appreciate good image quality even in low light Order equipment online

Other sections

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