Surfing The World Wide Waves, a weekly article

Surfing the World Wide Web, a weekly article

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Surfing the World Wide Waves (WWW)

Picasa 2 and Hello from Google

I have two mobile phones at the moment, one of them I bought after another was stolen whilst in Paris. The second I received when I became a student. With the first of these phones I was able to take pictures but when it came to getting them onto the computer I had to pay. The second phone, one I use in England is far better. i can take many more pictures and the transfer to hard disk is very simple, especially with the I book since it has bluetooth incorporated within.

As a result of cameras being added to devices such as phones a new movement has formed. As more and more people take digital images the ability to tell our lives through pictures has become more inmportant, especially as airlines like easyjet make flying cheaper.

On the hard disks there are more and more images piling up making it hard to remember all the file names and see where the images are. Recently Picasa, a software developed by Google helped to reference all these files and make it far easier to find. Even more recently Picasa 2 came out. The second version is even better than the first because it enables you to keep track of all images and modify them if you feel they could be better.

As add on feature, keeping in mind that google is a web based company, they have given the posibility of uploading the images to blogs through an add on called Hello. Combined these softwares make it far easier to keep an image diary for friends to see.

I tested this software and within half an hour's work here is the result.

First of all I started picasa 2 and told it to reference all image files on my hard disk. Once this was completed I chose a few images which I thought would look good in a blog and highlighted them. Once this was done I went to the hello button and clicked it. It opened the hello software and I created an account on Once these steps were completed I logged in and I could start uploading images one at a time with a comment to go with each. This software is incredibly easy to use and I would recommend it for all those who enjoy taking and sharing pictures.

As more people use this feature the sharing of images will be easier and it will help people understand the daily lives of those in other countries.


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