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Surfing the World Wide Waves (WWW)

Avid Free DV

Video has come a long way since the days of Dziga Vertov. In his day the cutting room would have been filled with strips of film being assembled into sequences which gained a new meaning. Overtime with tape and then digital editing techniques like Avid for example editing has become a far simpler and creative process. The prices have also gone down making the whole act of editing far more democratic.

For a while Adobe Premiere and Finalcut pro were the cheaper more affordable solution for home users, but that was in the days of the miro dc 30+ where after spending three days editing you realise you can't export your project, the hard disks crash and you cry in sadness for the loss of a creative work.

Recently whilst surfing I found something which really made me happy. Anyone with a powerful machine, who runs windows XP can have one of the most powerful editing tools on the market. Avid.

It is a less souped up version, only capable of DV editing but for any student of montage this is the perfect tool to learn from. It's free and that's wonderful when you think of it's usual price.

Of course we all know why Avid has decided to do this. It's firstly because students like to use pirated software since they feel it's owed to them but also because by offering Avid Free DV to anyone they are increasing their potential client list.

For the actual software it works exactly the same way as Avid Media Composer or Avid Xpress so the move from the free software to the professional should be without any hardships on the part of the user.

I recommend you download this software and use one of the most interesting editing tools I know on the market.


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