The French tyre maker Michelin started publishing its guides to stimulate its clients to travel and, therefore, buy more tyres.

That was when cars were few and far between.

Since then, the guides have evolved, but are all characterized by their extreme concision, simple layout and exhaustive coverage of France. Also, very important, it says in detail "how to get there" if you travel by car.

I own many of these guides and, although not quite sufficient if you look for detailed information, they are just fine if you want to travel without missing the main sights and locations.

Also, Michelin road maps are, in my view the best around. Somehow, they are easier to read and make it simpler to plan your trip than most of the other maps around.

The Green Guides cover locations, while the Red Guides cover restaurants and hotels. If you travel in France, it's worth investing in a Red Guide, as it may be surprisingly difficult to find a decent restaurant. In a country boasting the best cuisine in the world, you can easily end up in a lousy and expensive restaurant, if you don't know where to go. To a large extent the same applies to Italy, as well.

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