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Under the Tuscan Sun : At Home in Italy Paperback edition

Under the Tuscan Sun - At Home in Italy Hardcover edition

Did you know that you had a passion for old houses, gardens drenched in sunshine and food prepared with olive oil and herbs?

If you don't have this passion, you may catch it, if you read this book - you are warned.

Of course, there is more to it, but the love for Tuscany and Cortona in particular permeates every page of this book.

You may find yourself dreaming of a simpler, more wholesome life, away from the rat race - it's subversive. Reading of this book in grey, polluted, industrial cities should be banned.

Under the Tuscan Sun paperback edition

Bella Tuscany: The Sweet Life in Italy Frances Mayes' latest book - and she's at it again. This time ranging further away from Bramasole, as far as Sicily.

The discovery of extended lunches Italian style, is dangerous: you may choke on your next sandwich wolfed down at your desk while tapping away at your computer.

People should not be allowed to find out that there is a better life out there... Mayes, under her suave prose, hides a dangerous, revolutionary message: there is more to life than rush and kiss ass.

Bella Tuscany; The Sweet Life in Italy
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